Social Initiatives


We at Doctors on the Move believe that as individuals we actually CAN make a difference!


In our modern world where technology and social media have completely removed any limitations to social cooperation, we have the opportunity to work together towards a better existence for all.


Traditionally, working towards positive social change and initiatives that supports it (such as NGOs, charities and similar systems) has means "donating" money to those causes. However, due to our modern consumerism and focus on finances, this limits the global interest in these initiatives since they do not produce any return on investment.


In the last few years, we have seen the evolution of new solutions to this problem. Various groups and cooperatives are springing up with the model of investing in socially conscious initiatives while still providing decent returns on investment. This solves a large hurdle in this field, since individuals are now able to invest their money for reasonable returns, while actually leading to positive social change!


Below are some of the examples of groups that we have come across in this field. We are only providing information about these groups to spread awareness in the global community and support the process of education and socially conscious investments and initiatives.


You can help us by letting us know of other great initiatives to add to the list below.

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At the time of writing this page, Doctors on the Move pty ltd and its directors declare no conflict of interest with any companies listed on this page. If this changes with any personal or company-related investment we will declare it.




Doctors for the Environment Australia - A cooperative of Australian medical professionals promoting good health through care for the environment


Health in Harmony - Saving forests and saving lives by engaging community-led solutions for human health and the health of our planet




CLEAR SKY SOLAR - Crowdfunded solar installations with 7% return on investment.


CLEANaS - Clean Energy Association of Newcastle and Surrounds - community solar investment


The People's Solar - Crowdfunding platform for solar projects


Pingala - Sydney based community solar projects




IMPACT INVESTING AUSTRALIA  - Excellent resource to understand the field of impact investment