Educational Resources


Here you can browse the available study and examination resources. These have been recommended and shared by other doctors, and are arranged by sub-speciality.

If you can think of a resource that should be on the list, let us know!

Flash Cards Guide

Flash cards are a very versatile tool. Instead of making old fashioned paper cards, create digital versions instead.

The flash card programs have inbuilt memory algorithms that determine how often each card should be shown depending on how well you do on the specific question. This helps you maximise recall and avoid unnecessary repetition.

The cloud-based card database also allows browsing and downloading of "shared decks" of card. This means you do not have to even make your own cards, simply use the previous exam candidates if they are available.

Anki is one of the better flash card programs, but there are others available on android of iphone. Detailed instructions for installation and setup will be available for whichever program you choose to use.

Emergency Medicine

Life in the fast lane - Wide range of useful resources

RESUS ME - Reuscitation learning resources

ALIEM - Academic Life in Emergency Medicine


Ear, Nose & Throat

ENT expert opinion podcast

Intensive Care

Life in the fast lane

RESUS ME - Resus resource

Intensive Care Network - Hot topics

ICU Primary Prep - dedicated to the CICM primary exam

Deranged Physiology - Part 2 exam