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A warm welcome to Doctors on the Move

Anusha & Dan Lazzari

Co-Founders & CEOs


We are both doctors who went through specialist training in Australia after our initial medical education and careers in the UK. 

During our training time, we have had to relocate almost every year (5 moves in 6 years) due to training rotations. Anusha on the Obstetrics and Gynaecology program and Dan in Anaesthetics.

This is a common scenario for many trainees and junior doctors and is clearly a very difficult and stressful time. We noticed that every time we relocated, we faced the same logistical issues time after time. Issues such as finding a rental property, which suburbs to live in, where to find recommended services such as mechanics, hairdressers, schools, babysitters and many others.

We thought that every new doctor in town would face these issues, and we decided that there should be a better way to share this information between ourselves. 

The concept of Doctors on the Move

We developed and evolved this idea during our 2015 sabbatical, travelling around Australia and Latin America. The initial idea was simply to create a relocation resource for Australian doctors, but it has since evolved into various other platforms attempting to deal with day to day issues.

We now provide job advertisements, study resources, financial information, a social initiatives guide as well as the various rental related resources.

We hope that Doctors on the Move proves to be as informative and useful as we expect. Please get involved by letting people know about us, submitting your reviews from the places you have lived and sending us any comments or suggestions.

Thank you for your support

Anusha & Dan Lazzari