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Doctors on the Move is a medical community designed to allow doctors in Australia to share information on rental properties, jobs, financial tips, study resources and much much more...


There are 5 main sections:

The Property Platform

Find rental accommodation in your new city:

Search for properties listed on Doctors on the Move and secure your next rental property.


One of the great advantages of our service is that unlike estate agents, we list properties months before they are available.

This allows tenants to secure the property early and  avoid the stress of doing it all in the last few weeks before having to move.


Once you find a property you are interested in, please submit an enquiry using the contact form at the bottom of the advert.


We will then forward your details to the landlord who will contact you directly to discuss the details of the rental.


List Your Property:

To create and advert, simply send us the details and photos, and we will generate the advert for you.


It will appear on the Find a Rental section of the site, as well as our Facebook page.


Anyone can list their property, you don't have to be a doctor.


Many doctors own investment properties and would be happy to rent to colleagues. We also tend to relocate at the same time every year, which can reduce the time the property is vacant.


When a potential tenant wants to enquire about the property, they will contact us and we will pass on their details to the landlord.


The landlord can then contact the tenant directly, which prevents us from making public the contact information of landlords.


The rental agreement can also be made using a real estate agency, or directly between the tenant and landlord (saving the landlord all the real estate fees , roughly $ 3000 per year). In this situation, the landlord and tenant are solely responsible for the agreements and arrangement of the rental, and any issues that might arise from them.


Doctors on the Move provides you with a guide to renting without a real estate agent, with links to useful forms, information and relevant organizations.


The Relocation Guide also provides some useful hints on how to reduce the pain of moving.


The price to list a rental property is $40 - This can be paid by bank transfer or paypal as outlined in the property advert page. We are also introducing cryptocurrency (Bitcoin and altcoin) payments very soon!


Once you have submitted your advert, we will confirm that the payment was received before listing the property online. 


Doctors on the Move only provides the platform for landlords and tenants to meet - we provide no additional services and take no commission from the rental apart from the advertising fee paid by the landlord.

Job Advertising


Our latest platform allows employers to list medical job vacancies in a cost and time effective manner.


It also allows potential candidates to browse jobs in their specific field Australia wide,  without having to search each state or specialty college website individually to look for vacancies.


This also allows employers to advertise positions earlier than may be possible on the state health service sites, where often available positions can only be advertised for 4 weeks in total.


For more information please see the Job Adverts page here

The City Pages


One of the biggest challenges when moving to a new city is finding reliable basic services such as babysitters, cleaners, hairdressers, mechanics, schools and all the other modern day-to-day needs.


Whenever we moved to a new city for specialty training, we always had to ask around at work for recommendations, and they were not always available or reliable. 


If there was a list of peer-recommended services and resources that we could browse and potentially pre-arrange before moving (schools, babysitters etc) it would take some of the pain out of the transition.


This is where the City Pages come in: 


Browse the city-specific forum where Doctors on the Move users are able to post their recommendations of the various services in each city that they have tried and are able to recommend.


Simply navigate to the city you are interested in, browse the existing comments and post your own suggestions of any useful and recommended services in the places you have lived.


The additional advantage is that you can organize these things even before arriving in town!


Resources for Doctors


Financial Tips & Tricks provides some financial tips on how to optimize your finances, superannuation, salary sacrificing and more.


Educational Resources provides a platform where members can share their exam resources, useful webpages and other educational materials.


Upload or email us your resources for the benefit of the next round of exam candidates. 


The Real World is a brief guide to medical indemnity, unions, locuming and work-life balance issues.


Socially Conscious Initiatives is where a we seek to spread the word on worthwhile projects aimed at improving social and environmental conditions by direct action



Thank you for your support

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